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Quick Christmas Gift Bags

Plain brown paper gift bags were pepped up with snowman paper napkin motifs to create one of a kind packaging ideas. The top bag has a second motif adhered to it to give the bag more detail. The two lower bags are simply with the napkin motifs and glitter. You can choose between making one or the other type... or both, according to your needs and time available.

Quick Snowman Gift Bags




Time required: about 15 minutes to prepare but has a couple of steps which require waiting for glue or paint to dry before continuing

Difficulty Level: Easy

Material List:

- plain brown paper gift bags
- white acrylic paint and paint brush
- decoupage paint and paint brush to apply
- bone folder
- light cardstock or light colored cardboard (about the thickness of a
  cereal box side)
- iridescent glitter
- small beads or half beads for embellishing (optional)
- bottle of glue with a spout

Snowman Paper Napkin
- paper napkin with motif of choice


Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 1
1. First fold over a flap on your bag and use a bone folder to crease the edge. Then roughly paint the space underneath the flap with white acrylic paint. The paint does not have to look perfect and parts of the bag can show through. That will add to the charm of the project. Let the paint dry.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 2
2. Tear your napkin motif out a little less than the width of the bag. Then remove all but the top layer of your napkin. Place it on the bag and then brush deocupage glue over the motif. Start from the center and work your way outwards. Be careful not to rip the napkin in the process. Many of the wrinkles will disappear when the motif dries. If any wrinkles remain, you can always place a piece of baking paper over the bag and iron them flat. Then set aside to dry. If you would like the bag to have the motif flat on it, then continue onto step 8. If you would like additional dimension to your bag continue then with step 3.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 3
3. While the bag is drying, cut a second snowman motif out. It does not have to be perfectly cut out at this point. Then use again the decoupage glue and brush the motif onto a piece of scrap card or the backside of a lightly colored box side like from a cereal box.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 4
4. Once the glue has dried, you can then cut the snowman (or other motif) out exactly.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 5
5. Adhere 3-D double sided adhesive to the backside of the motif.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 6
6. When the paper bag motif is dry, you can then adhere the second snowman motif over the bag motif.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 7
7. If you like, you can embellish your motif with a few beads or other items.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 8
8. Then go around the edges of your motif with glue.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 9
9. Shake glitter onto the glue. It will only adhere to the wet glue. Let the glue dry and then tap off the excess glitter.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 10
10. Poke a hole through the center of the flap.

Snowman Paper Bag Tutorial 11
11. Fill the bag and then use a decorative brad to then close off the bag.




Snowman Gift Bag Craft

Snowman Gift Bags
The dimensional snowman adds so much more impact to the bag.

Decoupaged Gift Bags
These bags show how other motifs can look when used. The same technique is applied and if you wanted to take a bag a step further, you could also make these with the 3-D effect.


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