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Ornament Craft Project for Christmas - ”Mini-Wreath Christmas Ornaments”

These are so quick to make using just ribbon, felt and beads and embellishing a wooden ring with them. Because of their size, they are perfect for small trees, garlands or even as Christmas package toppers.

Mini-Wreath Ornaments 2




Time required: about 30 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Material List:

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 1

- wooden ring with about 5.5 cm in diameter (about 2.16 inches)
- about 1.2 meters or a little more than a yard of gingham ribbon that is 1 cm wide in either red, green or both
- 12 red wooden beads, 6 mm in diamter
- a piece of stiff felt that is large enough for 12 very small leaves
- hot glue gun
- tweezers (to hold the beads while hot gluing them onto the wreath)


Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 2
1. Hot glue one end of the ribbon onto the ring then wrap your ring with the gingham ribbon. Hot glue the other end to what will be the backside. Cut away any excess length of ribbon.

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 3
2. Take your first bead with the tweezer and hold it to the hot glue gun to gather some glue.

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 4
3. Then place the bead onto the wreath.

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 5
4. Repeat for the remaining beads, creating 4 clusters of 3 beads.

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 6
5. Cut out 12 little leaves freehanded.

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 7
6. These will also be hot glued to the wreath, next to the beads.

Tutorial - Mini-Wreath Ornaments 8
7. This is how the leaves were arranged onto the wreath.

8. All you need now is yarn that matches your wreath. Cut a longer piece and fold it in half. Take the two ends together, insert them through the center of the wreath and pull them through the loop of the yarn. This will secure it onto the wreath. Pull both ends of the yarn through a bead (you may need a sewing needle to do this. Then tie the ends off at a length you like.




Mini-Wreath Ornaments 1
These look cute and traditional in red and green colors.


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