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 Christmas Gift Idea - Family Recipe Book

Anyone who does a lot of cooking will have a lot special recipes that are long remembered by the family members such as children or grandchildren. Before these recipies get lost or forgotten, why not create personal recipe books to pass them down through the generations. This craft shows you how to alter a blank spiral book into a personal recipe book within hours.

Gift Idea - Recipe Book




Time required: about 24 hours due to drying times

Difficulty Level: Easy

Material List:

- blank spiral book
- acrylic paint in one dark color and beige/ white (beige or white depending on the background color of your paper
  napkin. It should be chosen so that it comes closes to that color.
- paper napkin with food or other kitchen motifs
- paper napkin glue or decoupage glue
- crackle medium
- paint brushes and one wide paint brush
- die cut letters - optional (here the Cuttlebug letters “Olivia” were used to make this project)


1. First paint the front cover of the book with your choice of paint color (it should look good with the chosen paper napkin) and let the paint dry before continuing.
2. Apply crackle medium over the terracotta according to manufacturers instructions and let the medium dry before continuing.
Recipe Book Gift Tutorial 1
3. Now apply beige paint over the crackle medium.

Recipe Book Gift Tutorial 2
4. Apply the paint vertically by making large brush strokes over the book and avoid going over any area twice, otherwise you will ruin the crackle effect.

Recipe Book Gift Tutorial 4
5. Tear the paper napkin so it will fit on the cover of the book. Tearing it is better than cutting it. Then the edges blend in more with the painted crackling effect and there is no harsh cut edge to be seen. Let the paint dry completely.

Recipe Book Gift Tutorial 5
6. Once this is done adhere the paper napkin motif over the front of the book according to manufacturer’s instructions. Let the napkin then dry. Here you will find an illustrated Paper Napkin Decoupage Tutorial for the basic instructions of this technique. 
6. Die cut the word recipes and then adhere it to the top of the book.
7. Apply several layers of decoupage glue to the book and let the glue dry completely in between coats.
8. Adhere favorite recipes to the pages inside the book.




Gift Idea - Recipe Book 2
The paper napkin with the culinary motifs such as bread, cheese, wine and fruit was just perfect for this particular project.

Decoupage Craft - Baking Recipe Book
You can use the same idea and make a book for baking recipes. A paper napkin with cookie motifs was used for this craft.

Inside of Baking Recipe Book
Print out all of your favorite classic family baking recipes like Christmas cookies, pies, cakes, cobblers, etc... and paste these in this book. Since the book has a lot of pages, fill as many pages as necessary and then maybe leave blank pages for the recipient to add on his or her favorite recipes. It will become a book to pass down to the next generation.



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