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Decoupaged Wooden Heart Christmas Tree Ornament

Plain wooden hearts can be decoupaged with lovely paper napkin images to create one of a kind ornaments for the Christmas tree. A little glitter was added to these ornaments on the snowy areas to give them a little winter sparkle.

Wooden Christmas Ornaments




Time required to make one ornament: Overnight... each step is actually quick to do, but drying time between the coats of crackle medium, paint and glue needes to be considered. If you omit the crackling effect, you can save a lot of time making these. Then only the coat of white paint will be necessary to make them.

Difficulty Level: Cutting out the ornaments is easy for novice sawers or you can also purchase wooden cutouts. The painting and decoupaging steps are easy.

Material List:

- thin plywood to cut out or purchase cutout heart shapes
- white and blue acrylic paint
- crackle medium
- decoupage glue
- drill with small bit for drilling hole to hang the ornament
- white ribbon for hanging

Winter Scene Paper Napkin
- small paper napkin with winter scenes - the napkins used are smaller than regular napkins so the motifs fit perfectly
  on the wooden hearts

Christmas Heart Template
Heart Template




Wooden Hearts Ornaments Tutorial 1
1. Saw out the heart template to a size of your choice. Now three steps will be required before you can decoupage the motif on and between each step, drying time is required:

a. Paint the shape blue on both sides. First paint one side and let it dry. Then paint the second side and let it dry.
b. Paint a coat of crackling medium on one side of the heart and let it dry overnight.
c. Paint a coat of white over the crackling medium. Paint only one stroke over the medium and do not repaint over any previous strokes. That will destroy the crackling effect which starts immediately once you paint over it. Let the paint dry before continuing.

Wooden Hearts Ornaments Tutorial  2
2. Paint a very light coat of decoupage glue on the white side of the heart. It should only be tacky to the touch. Then gently place the paper napkin onto the heart with the main motif where you want it to be. Then brush a coat of glue over the napkin and let it dry before continiung.

Wooden Hearts Ornaments Tutorial 3
3. Once dry, you can cut away excess paper napkin. If any side edges look a little frayed, then you can glue these down with a little decoupage glue.

Wooden Hearts Ornaments Tutorial 4
4. Now use decoupage glue and highlight the snow areas of the scene. As long as the glue is still wet, sprinkle fine iridescent glitter onto the glue. Tap off the excess onto paper (you can return the excess glitter back in the container) and then let the glue dry. Once dry, add a second coat of glue over the glitter to seal it. It looks milky at first, but once the glue is dry, the glitter will sparkle again.

Wooden Hearts Ornaments Tutorial 5
5. Drill a hole in the top center of the heart so you can hang a ribbon through it.




Wooden Winter Scene Ornaments
This decoration does not take up a lot of space.

Wooden Heart Christmas Ornament

Winter Scene Christmas Ornament
A dreamy winter scene



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