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Christmas Table Wreath Using Quilled Corrugated Paper

This wreath is a one of a kind table decoration and unique looking because of the quilled corrugated paper embellishing it. The paper is thick and has a white layer in the center. That has the advantage that when quilled, the colors of the quilled elements are not solid and look softer. The quilled paper also adds a lot of interesting texture to the wreath as well.

Christmas Table Wreath 1




Time required to make one wreath: about 3+ hours (a lot of time is required to quill the embellishments)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Material List:

- about 7 sheets of green 25x35 cm corrugated paper of a thick quality
- 1 sheet of red 25x35 cm corrugated paper of a thick quality
- hot glue gun
- polystyrene wreath about 25 cm in diameter
- craft knife
- quilter’s ruler
- cutting mat

Instructions for the wreath:

Tutorial - Christmas Table Wreath 1
1. Cut your green corrugated paper into 1 x 35 centimeter strips. The structure of the corrugated paper should be horizontal, so that the paper rolls easily. Cut the red corrugated paper into 1 x 17.5 cm strips in the same manner.

Tutorial - Christmas Table Wreath 2
2. Then just roll each strip into a circle and glue in place.

Tutorial - Christmas Table Wreath 3
3. The red circles can be put aside. The green circles need to be squeezed on two sides so that the shape resembles a leaf afterwards.

Tutorial - Christmas Table Wreath 4
This is how the shapes look afterwards.

Tutorial - Christmas Table Wreath 5
4. Now you can start gluing them onto the wreath. Start on the inner side and cover it with the green leaves. Then work your way outwards. Add clusters of red circles to resemble berries onto the wreath plus a couple of random berries here and there as you go along.

Christmas Table Wreath 3
5. This is how the completed wreath could look like when finished.




Christmas Table Wreath 2
Detail image of the wreath

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