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Puffy Paper Hearts Country Christmas Ornaments

Look through your stash of scrapbook paper and find some quaint ones to make these charming and simple ornaments for the tree. These are filled with batting to give them a 3D look and Mod Podge gets brushed on them to give them the appearance of puffy metal ornaments that can be bought.

Puffy Paper Heart Ornaments




Time required for one heart ornament: about 5 minutes to cut out and about an hour for drying time of the glue and another hour for drying time of the Mod Podge

Difficulty Level: Easy

Material List:

- scrapbook paper of choice
- template below
- scissors
- wet glue
- batting
- twine for the bow and for hanging

Template - these hearts are about 4 inches (approximately 10 centimeters), but you can make yours as large or small as you like.
Christmas Heart Template

Instructions for one heart ornament:

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 1
1. For each heart ornament you will need to cut out 2 heart shapes.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 2
2. Place a line of glue along side the outer edge of one heart. Leave about 1-1 1/2 inch open on one straight side (for the 4 inch sized heart, otherwise adjust the length according to the size of heart you are making. This needs to remain open to stuff the heart.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 3
3. Place the second paper heart on the first and let the glue completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 4
4. Lightly stuff the batting into the heart making sure to reach to the upper rounded edges and the point. Use a flat unsharp kitchen knife if you need help getting the stuffing to the different areas.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 5
5. Once you have stuffed the heart like you want it to be, add glue to the open edge. Use paper clips to hold the edge closed until the glue has dried.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 6
6. This step is optional. But if you would like a modest shine to your heart, brush on one or two coats of Mod Podge to the heart. This gives it a look of metal when dry.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 7
7. When your heart has dried, take a needle and punch a hole through the top center. Pull a piece of twine through for hanging.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 8
8. Make small bows with the twine.

Puffy Paper Hearts Tutorial 9
9. Glue a bow onto the front of each heart.




Puffy Paper Hearts Christmas Ornaments
These are so pretty and have a country look to them.



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