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Snowman Crafts

Snowmen are such popular characters at Christmas and also in the winter season. They are also such fun motifs to craft.

Paper Snowman Garland
These snowmen have gathered to spread winter cheer. This project can be made as long or as short as you like and stands on its own as a table decoration or would look cute embellishing a window.



Plastic Canvas Snowman Ornament
Plastic canvas is a fun material to work with because it is durable. For kids it is also an excellent material to teach them different stitching techniques. He will look not only cute on the tree but is also a colorful window decoration for the kids room.

Scrubby Yarn Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament 200Cute Scrubby Yarn Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament
Scrubby yarn normally gets used to crochet decorative wash cloths for the kitchen. But not for this project. Here, we decided to make another use of the yarn and create an adorable snowman ornament. The yarn makes the snowman look so adorable and fuzzy. He will be the perfect addition to any Christmas tree. This craft is not only easy to make but is quickly finished, as well.


Cute Snowmen Decoration
These adorable little guys are so happy that winter is here and are so fun to make. These decorations are great for small spaces or can be used in waterless water globes.

Wooden Snowman Christmas Ornament
This idea is so easy and perfect if you like to cut wood but are not too into painting the details.

Cute Wine Cork Snowman
This snowman is most happy when it is crispy cold outside and plenty of snow can be found.

Plaster of Paris Snowmen
Plaster of Paris Snowmen
Aren’t these little guys so cute? With a silicone mould and plaster of Paris powder, you can make as many as you like. Then add some paint and glitter for a fun activity that you can also do with the kids.

Pom Pom Snowman
Isn’t this snowman so soft and fluffy! This project is really fun for the kids to make on cold and dark winter days and is a cute decoration to leave out throughout the whole winter season.

Christmas Wood Craft - Happy Winter Snowmen Sign
This sign is perfect to hang for the holidays and even throughout the whole winter.

Needle Felted Styrofoam Snowman
It is so easy to felt a simple styrofoam snowman into this adorable and soft decoration for the winter.

Fuzzy Snowman Family
With fringe yarn and a few styrofoam balls you can create this adorable snowman with his kids as a Christmas and winter decoration.



Knitted Snowman Family
One could almost get addicted to knitting these. Wouldn’t they make cute gifts? They are just too cute and the directions are easy to follow.

Tin Can Snowman
Just look at this cute and happy fellow. This decoration is not only great for the holidays but also throughout the whole winter.

Cute Yarn Snowman
What a sweet door decoration not only for Christmas but for the whole winter as well!

Bottle Lid Snowman
Wouldn’t this be a great recycling Christmas craft to do with the kids? The best part is that a minimal amount of supplies is needed for this project for a maximum amount of fun.

Cute Snowman Ornament
With just a few basic craft materials, you can make this adorable little guy in no time.

Bean Bag Snowman
This is just the cutest snowman you have ever seen and looks so cozy just sitting there.

Egg Carton Snowman
Isn’t this just the cutest idea and every bit of the snowman is made using the egg carton!

Applique Snowman
This cute pattern is great for just about anything... like maybe a sweatshirt for the kids or to decorate a quilting block.

Crochet Curly Snowman Ornament
Get out those crochet needles and follow the instructions to create this, oh so cuddly snowman to decorate your tree this Christmas.



Twiggy Snowman Ornaments
These are just so adorable and practically all you need for it is what nature gives you.

4x4 No-Melt Wooden Snowman
Imagine this adorable snowman greeting your visitors at the door when they stop by! This is just too cute and not hard at all to make.





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