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Christmas Tree Topiary
This topiary is a lovely decoration during the holidays. It is created in the colors of copper and orange but you can of course create one that harmonizes with your home decor.

Pinecone Topiary
These are naturally beautiful and will add rustic charm whereever you place them.

Birch Bark Topiary Trees
These are lovely warm, natural and rustic looking decorations for the home during the holidays and so easy to make as well.

Twig and Branch Snowflake
This unique looking decoration adds a natural and festive look to your door during the holidays.

Treat Wreath for the Birds
Don’t forget the little feathered friends during the winter. They have such a hard time finding food to survive. With a little help from such a lovely wreath they can gather strength to make it through.

Twig Snowflake Ornament
This all natural ornament will give your Christmas tree a rustic and charming appearance.




Christmas Tablescape
What a pretty setting for a Christmas dinner outdoors. It has a a warm and inviting look to it and is an unique way to celebrate. The simplicity of the tree stumps combined with Christmas evergreens and red berries make the table so charming.

Christmas Centerpiece
Here you will find lovely images and a description how she put together this lovely centerpiece to add a festive touch to her Christmas table.

Frosted Twigs
Sometimes the lovliest of decorations are those that Mother Nature has given us. This project shows you how to give simple twigs the look of winter to create a eye-catching centerpiece for your holiday table.

Christmas Floral Arrangement
Fresh flowers and greenery give the room a wonderful aroma and add an elegant feeling of Christmas to it as well.


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Add a warm touch to your home and doors with floral decorations, items given to us from nature, garlands and centerpieces.


Hay Star
Combine a cardboard shape with hay and other natural embellishments to create this decoration that can be used to decorate your door instead of a wreath.

Frosty Christmas Centerpiece
The powdered snow gives this centerpiece the appearance of winter and adds such an elegant touch at the same touch.




DIY Greenery Pouches
Recycle cardboard rolls into these natural looking pouches to hold holiday greenery in a very attractive way.

Pine Cone Garland Tutorial
Pine cones just seem to belong to Christmas crafting and this idea keeps the home looking natural and festive at the same time.

Hazelnut Christmas Ornament
Natural ornaments are always a lovely choice for the tree. This is an easy idea to use hazelnuts to create simple yet cute wreath ornaments. It requires only a minimal amount of time to create.

Christmas Dough Bowl
This bowl is filled with natural items and red cardinals and is a lovely decoration for the holidays.

Dried Orange Peel Decor
So pretty and natural for adults and kids to create using orange peels and pinecones.

Birdseed Wreath for Winter
Help the birdies get through the frozen winters with this homemade wreath you can hang from a tree.

Faux Snowy Pinecones Tutorial
You can make these to decorate your floral centerpieces and give them a touch of winter.

Floral Centerpiece for Christmas
See how she transformed a thrift store bargain into a fabulous looking centerpiece for the holidays.




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