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Paper Crafts for Christmas

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Red Christmas Ornaments 2
Red Christmas Ornaments 2
Red Christmas Ornaments 2



Christmas Gift Idea - Decorated Tea Lights Gift Bag
If you are in need a small gift and do not know exactly what to give, this is a quick and easy idea that requires a minimal amount of materials.

Tea Lights Gift Bag for Christmas

Fabric Covered Christmas Cones

Fabric Covered Poster Board Tree Cones
There are lots of pretty ways to design these and the tutorial will guide you through all the steps.

Paper Renaissance Houses
Create this village with old world charm for your mantel. Complete with instructions and pattern download for the houses.

Paper Renassaince Houses

Paper Porcupine Balls

Paper Porcupine Balls
These are a popular craft in Europe at Christmas time and are actually easy to make. Our German grandmothers made them out of shiny foil which also looks very festive. This illustrated tutorial shows you how to make these fascinating ornaments.

Paper Christmas Tree
Amazing what you can create using cupcake paper liners. These trees are adorable and the tutorial to make them is simple to follow.

Paper Cupcake Cups Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Ornaments

Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments
These ornaments look very decorative hanging on your Christmas tree. It is so easy to create these holiday ornaments out of scrapbookpaper and using a simple technique to give them the look of metal.

5-Pointed Paper Snowflakes
These are so pretty and lacy and just like in real life... no two will look the same.

5-Pointed Paper Snowflakes

Paper Christmas Trees

Paper Christmas Trees
These are gorgeous looking decorations and the well illustrated step-by-step tutorial shows you how easy they are to create using paper and cones.

Junk Mail Paper Snowflakes
Getting junk will not be a nuscience anymore. It only gives you more free supplies to make more pretty snowflakes.

Junk Mail Paper Snowflakes




Punched Paper Christmas Ornaments

Paper Christmas Ornaments: Easy To Make Christmas Decorations

So simplicity and yet so elegant. These will add a lovely touch to your Christmas tree or as holiday tags for gifts.

Homemade Paper Ornaments
Patti Milazzo created these oranments which are so easy to make out
of simple Christmas shapes and pretty scrapbook paper from Bo Bunny.

Stitched Paper Christmas Ornaments

Recycling Ribbon Holders

Recycled Ribbon Holders
What a wonderful idea! Ribbon holders as bases for Christmas scenes created out of Christmas cards!

Perforated Paper Maché Cone Christmas Trees
It is so pretty how the light shines through the holes to give the room a romantic look during the holidays.

Perforated Christmas Trees

Origami Christmas Tree Project

Origami Fir Tree Project
A wonderfully illustrated step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make one of these gorgeous trees. You may need patience but it will surely be worth the effort.

Recycled Holiday Ornaments
What an lovely way to reuse a cardboard ring and at the same time have a clever decoration for the tree!

Christmas Paper Ornament

3d Paper Snowflake

Dimensional Paper Snowflakes
These snowflakes have so much body and are so easy to make.

Paper Snowflake Garland
The illustrated step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make this easy project to give your windows a touch of winter.

Snowflake Garland


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Paper is an easy craft medium for all ages. Find fantastic Christmas project ideas in this section and see how versitile it really is!

Paper Christmas Wreath
By using the Sizzix Originals holly leaves die with your die cutting machine, you can create this project within minutes.

Paper Holly Leaves Christmas Wreath




German Christmas Paper Star

German Paper Stars - Fröbelsterne or Froebelsterne
These stars are traditional and can be found decorating Christmas trees and hanging in windows of German homes.

On you will find an example of a German Paper Star, a German Paper Star Wreath and an easy Step-by-Step Illustrated German Paper Star Tutorial.

Father Christmas or Santa Claus Paper Stained Glass Window Decoration
This paper craft has a stained glass look to it. When the sun shines, the colors look really brilliant. The technique is easy and you can follow the step-by-step instructions to learn it.

Paper Santa Window Decoration

Woven Paper Hearts

Woven Paper Hearts
These hearts easy to make once you have learned the technique. All you need is 4 strips of paper to make them.




Box Chain Paper Wreath
This is a fun and easy to make wreath using paper strips. The illustrated step-by-step tutorial will guide you through.

Box Chain Wreath

Mini-Newspaper Stars

Tiny Newspaper Stars
These are so adorable and quite easy to make using just a strip of newspaper.

Illluminated Paper Trees
These are pretty both day and night and there is a printable template to create colorful versions of the trees as well.

Illuminated Paper Trees

Christmas Paper Star Garland

Christmas Paper Star Garland
It does not take much to create a festive and

decorative garland to deck the room at Christmas.

Cone Christmas Trees
These are just so cute and colorful. An illustrated tutorial guides you through the steps to make these.

Pretty Paper Christmas Tree

Gingerbread Man Garland

Paper Gingerbread Man Garland
These are fun to make and look great as a border in the window. These also

stand on their own and can be used as shelf or table decorations as well.

Artsie Christmas Cottages
How fun and cheerful these look and such an inspiring idea for the holidays.

Christmas Cottages

Bag Topper For Christmas

Christmas Bag Topper
Whether you need a small gift for the office party, a stocking stuffer, a small gift for a child or just a token to give a friend, this is an easy idea that is fun to make.

Stitched Paper Snowman
The hand-stitching gives this paper snowman a country look.

Stitched Paper Snowman





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