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Whether classic or modern, find here many different types of wreaths you can create to decorate your door during the holiday.

Natural Pine Cone Wreath
This project is kept very simple... just pine cones sprayed slightly with white paint and a pretty natural jute red bow. Or you can create a very natural wreath for a charming country look.



Icy Blue Winter Wreath 200Icy Blue Winter Wreath
This wreath looks festive for the holidays and at the same time has the colors of winter and can therefore be left hanging all winter long.

White Fuzzy Wreath With Snowflakes
Fuzzy yarn was used for this wreath and gives it a light airy feeling.

Christmas Table Wreath Using Quilled Corrugated Paper
This wreath is a one of a kind table decoration and unique looking because of the quilled corrugated paper embellishing it. The paper is thick and has a white layer in the center. That has the advantage that when quilled, the colors of the quilled elements are not solid and look softer. The quilled paper also adds a lot of interesting texture to the wreath as well.

Needle Felted Styrofoam Christmas Wreath
This wreath is made using the typical colors of Christmas and is a fun and easy craft.

Quilled Paper Wreath
This beautiful project does require some time to do but the results are well worth the time and effort.

Red and White Christmas Wreath Red and White Striped Wreath
The colors of red and white give this wreath a Scandinavian look to it. Die cut embellishments out of felt are used to decorate it.

Scrubby Yarn Wreath
This is a fun way to use scrubby yarn and it does not involve any crocheting. Because of the characteristics of scrubby yarn being fringy and sparkly, it is a fun yarn to use to wrap around other objects as well and gives them the appearance as if a Christmas tree garland was being used.

White and Red Christmas Wreath
The colors of red and white are popular at Christmas time especially in the Scandinavian countries. By just tying fabric strips on a metal wreath, you can create this elegant wreath within an hour.

Table Wreath
This wreath was put together quickly with just a minimal amount of supplies and is a natural looking centerpiece to add a bit of light to the coffee table.

DIY Advent Wreath with Painted Rocks
This is a really interesting and unique idea for a Christmas wreath and it won’t break the bank, either..

Christmas Wreath for the Door
Greet your holiday guests with a door wreath that you crafted yourself. This wreath is kept natural with cinnamon sticks, anise stars and orange slices to give it a warm and country feeling. Learn how to make a basic wreath using the step-by-step picture tutorial.



Minimalist Felt Boxwood Wreath
This project featured on Pastels and Macarons by is really simple and so cute! An illustrated tutorial shows you how to make one. with

Holiday Wreaths Two Ways
She demonstrates to you how to achieve two different and lovely looks with the same base wreath.

Winter Twig Wreath
This wreath in a unique shape is a lovely example that you do not need a lot of material to create a beautiful decoration for the door during the winter season.

Acorn Cap Wreath
There is a wonderful natural look about this wreath and a terrific way to use up those acorn caps that have fallen in the yard.

Christmas Book Wreath
This blog explains to you how to embellish a finished book wreath to add color and elegance.

Holiday DIY Paper Wreath
This pretty wreath looks like so much fun and uses a technique that most know already how to do.

Paper Stars Wreath
This wreath is made with different scrapbook papers and just looks so pretty!

Ikea Paper Bag Christmas Wreath
This project gets its base from a paper bag from the famous Swedish furniture store and is a great recycling project. Decorated with felt embellishments helps keep the natural look to the project.



Candy Cane Wreath
Follow this illustated tutorial to create this festive wreath made from cardboard and felt. It is so easy and looks great!

Pine Cone and Twig Wreath
This wreath has a different shape as other wreaths. Look outdoors to find the material you need to make it. The wreath looks so elegant in its natural simplicity.

Boxwood Wreath
Boxwood greenery combined with red berries looks so festive and is an alternative to the typical evergreens used for wreaths created for the holidays.

Winter Willow Wreath
This wreath is just too pretty in the wintery colors of white and ice blue.

Mini Dinner Table Wreath
These are so cute and small so that each of your dinner guests can have their own wreath at the table. The wreath is a recycling project as well.

Candy Cane Wreath
This cheery wreath is easy to make and will add a happy holidays look to your door.

Christmas Front Door Joy Wreath
This wreath goes a step further and becomes part of the word “joy” and looks so lovely on this festively decorated Christmas door.

DIY Rustic Wood Christmas Wreath
If you love as rustic and natural look, then this easy to make wreath is the perfect complement to your decorations.

Honeycomb Berry Wreath
This lovely and unique wreath is created using paper honeycombs instead of baubles. The choice of color used looks fresh and has a feel of winter.

Wrapping Paper Wreath
This wreath is not only full of cheerful Christmas colors but also is a great way to recycle Christmas wrapping paper.

Farmhouse Hoop Christmas Wreath
The charming wreath could be decorating your front door. It is so easy to make by following the step-by-step illustrated tutorial.

Sparkly and White Winter Wreath
With basic supplies from your craft store, you can make a gorgeous wintery wreath such as this one.






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